PCI Card (Full-Length)

Product No. 700-00-02

Converts a standard PC to a fully featured Mercury station. The card provides Mercury communication processing as well as the necessary audio connectors for mic/line in/line out. This allows the PC's own audio facilities to be used for other purposes without interfering with the communication functionality provided by the Mercury system. Virtual panel software can be used to provide a control surface. Alternatively the card can be controlled using third party software via an API connecting on the Windows socket layer. Two (2) GPIs and two (2) GPOs are provided, allowing easy use with PTT switches.

  Mercury Half Length PCI Card


Integrated User Interface
Type Integrated User Interface
IP Audio Channels (Unicast or Multicast)
Standard 8 (Expandable to 32 by adding DSP Expansion Modules)
Input / Output Connections (Standard)
Audio Mixer Full non-blocking mix, any combination of IP and/or analog inputs can be mixed to any/all output(s). Crosspoint level software adjustable +12dB to –40dB, 1dB steps.
Ethernet 10/100Base-T (RJ45)
General Purpose Input / Output A blanking plate with DB15F is provided for mounting in an adjacent card slot. General Purpose Input (GPI): Quantity: 2; Type: Opto-Isolated. General Purpose Output (GPO): Quantity: 2; Type: Open Collector Darlington.
Input (Aux 1) 0dBU Stereo line in (3.5 mm jack), 2 VRMS, direct mix to output typically used to sum PC audio output with Mercury audio output. Input level not adjustable.
Input (Aux 2) 2 VRMS line in (on-board Molex connector J30). Software selectable to replace microphone and balanced inputs (trunk mode), or to sum with output (standard mode). Input level not adjustable.
Input (Aux 3) 2 VRMS line in (on-board Molex connector J27) 2 channels summed, and mixed with balanced audio input. Input level not adjustable.
Input (Channel 1) Balanced Audio (RJ45). Max level +20dBu. Input level adjustable via software +12dB to -9dB, in 1.5dB steps.
Input (Channel 2) Electret microphone (3.5mm jack) -46dBu nominal. Limiter at -34dBu input (equivalent to +12dBu output). Input level adjustable via software +12dB to -9dB, in 1.5dB steps.
Main Output (headphone, Channels 1 and 2) 2-channel line out (3.5 mm jack),1V RMS. Either channels 1 and 2 separately, or mixed together in mono mode. Output level software adjustable 0dB to –94.5dB, in 1.5dB steps.
Output (Aux 1) 2-channel line out 1V RMS (on-board Molex connector J29). Output level not adjustable.
Output (Channel 1): Balanced Audio (9 way D socket), 0dBU. Max level +20dBu. Output level SW adjustable +12dB to –34.5dB, 1.5dB steps.
Physical Characteristics
EMC When used in compliant PC: EN55103-1 and EN55103-2 Environment E2
PCI Interface
Dimensions 312mm x 106.7mm or 12.28" x 4.2" A full length PCI card.
Environmental Characteristics
General Designed to operate within an enclosed PC system with or without forced air cooling.
Humidity, Operating Relative Humidity 0 to 95 percent, non-condensing.
Temperature, Non Operational/Storage -20 to 75 degrees Celsius
Temperature, Operating 0 to 60 degrees Celsius
Regulatory Compliance
EMC (when used in compliant PC) EN55103-1 and EN55103-2 Environment E2
PCI Interface
Specifications PCI V2.2 compliant 32-bit 33MHz. Can be plugged into 32 or 64 bit slots. Universal (3.3V and 5V bus compatible).
Host Computer Requirements
Host Computer Requirements Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional recommended. Microsoft Pentium 4 1GHz minimum, 256MB free memory. Consult a Trilogy salesperson with the details of your host PC specification.

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