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Gateway Configuration Editor

Gemini system configuration is performed using Trilogy’s Gateway software which provides unrestricted ability for users to build, modify and save multiple databases to suit any operational requirement. Users can set any system parameter to suit their needs and preferences, from changing key assignments, to audio level adjustment, or extensive re-configuration of an entire network.

The intuitive graphical interface allows users to choose between simple and advanced modes to suit their needs and capabilities. The advanced mode allows full control over all system parameters, such as audio settings and IP addresses, while for most day to day tasks, the user can choose one of the simplified views for fast assignment of IFBs, panel keys, user labels, audio routing, GPIs and conferences. 

Gateway’s Access Management facility offers role-based administration and security, providing selective control over individual Gemini matrices or the entire communication network. And a browser-based utility gives authorised users remote access to all engineering and maintenance functions.

Gemini integrates neatly with 3rd party software management systems, centralising control audio routing and panel assignments via a comprehensive and flexible API.

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