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Gemini System

Portable Communications

Portable communications devices are crucial to enabling broadcast and TV production staff to work freely throughout studio areas or OB venues. In order to provide a turnkey communication package, Trilogy can supply portable equipment to deliver the solution perfectly matched to each application. Our independence gives us the freedom to select and integrate a wide range of wireless solutions and technologies that best meet your needs.

Although many “mobile operators” prefer the freedom of wireless, there are still situations and environments where simple wired beltpacks are more suitable in terms of functionality, ease of use and cost. Operators on Party Line (2 wire) systems typically share a limited number of channels, while in 4 wire systems, each beltpack has a separate matrix connection, allowing private communication but also ‘conferencing’ set-up within a Gemini system.


Licence Free Wireless for Studio Applications

A license-free (DECT) wireless beltpack system is generally recommended for Floor Managers and other studio personnel, thanks to its simple installation and operation. Both single and dual channel beltpacks are available and the base stations can also act as host for 2 wire beltpack equipment, enabling Gemini to be seamlessly and flexibly integrated with all 2 wire and wireless users.


UHF In Ear Monitoring (IEM) for Presenters

Trilogy supply best of breed IEM systems that include both 4 and 20 selectable channel base stations and portable receivers, with several frequency range/channel options. Each has dual audio capability and is supplied with appropriate acoustic tube earpieces. Gemini then provides the IFB functionality to feed the selected audio to each user, with either programmable dim or cut as preferred.


Semi-Duplex UHF Wireless

Where greater distances are required to provide full coverage in larger Outside Broadcast (OB) applications, large entertainment venues and many sports events, a variety of UHF semi-duplex beltpack systems can be supplied, together with a full range of wireless support equipment. 

Operating in the 440–470 MHz band, with 1 or 5 watt RF power output and 16 selectable channels, the extremely rugged portable units provide semi-duplex communication, and boast an exceptional battery life of over 11 hours of uninterrupted operation. 

Base stations are full duplex, support single or dual antenna operation and can provide up to 25 watt RF power. In addition to its connection to a Gemini matrix, the base station’s front panel also incorporates channel select and audio interfaces for communication directly with all portable units.

Typically, the UHF equipment is supplied with user specified frequencies, but with the optional programming software, both the base station and portables may be easily field configured to comply with local administrative regulations and to avoid interference with other wireless systems.




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