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Gemini System

Front Panel

Unique in the field of intercom hardware, the Gemini unit features a touchscreen control and colour display that allows direct access to the built-in engineering interface. This ‘panel’ can be used to set up network and other system parameters, and provides an easily means of verifying hardware and software status, panel connections, and GPI activity. A headset connector also allows engineers real time access for monitoring, whilst the digital display can be used to view levels.



Using the front panel your engineers can see key information like:

  • Status – Physical hardware details including power supplies, fans, IP network configuration and HSL are available at a glance.
  • Tools – Monitor audio signals, GPI input and output activity, panel connections and current audio routes, ensuring that everything is configured correctly.
  • Information - Immediate access to connector wiring details and displays, along with option board configuration to control Panel / 4 wire / AES / MADI, phone interface or IP panels.
  • Settings – Verify IP configurations, and ensure that matrix identity data has been set up correctly, including addresses of both Gemini unit and configuration database server.

The Engineering panel provides instant access to core functions, offering alternative options for managing each Mercury unit and allowing for instant troubleshooting when connectivity may be a problem.

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