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Mentor RG

Mastermind Changeover

For added security, main and reserve Mentor RG units may be deployed with the MasterMind auto changeover to create a highly resilient master generator solution. 

Key benefits:

  • Provides bullet-proof auto changeover in the event of a system failure.
  • Fully scalable design allows you to grow the system in line with your needs.
  • 3 channel relay card auto-switches auxiliary signals to better balance resource usage.

The modular design of MasterMind allows for scalable installations that suit your specific requirements. Inputs may be analogue, digital or a mix of both with the changeover effected manually or by auto detection. An internal buzzer may be activated to indicate changeover action, or alternatively, alarm status may be activated remotely via the GPI interface depending on operator preferences and location.

Options that can be added to the Mastermind include:

  • Black/Burst Monitor & Changeover board
  • AES Audio Monitor & Changeover board
  • SD-Sdi and HD-HDi Monitor & Changeover board
  • Tri Level Sync Monitor and Changeover board
  • Timecode Monitor & Changeover board (note: the Mastermind can accommodate this card OR the AES Audio Monitor & Changeover board)
  • Triple Switching board (any unbalanced video signals, switching only)
  • Balanced Relay Changeover board


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