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Trilogy Mentor System

Mentor RG Options

Hardware Options

In addition to the standard features found in the base unit, Mentor RG has positions for 3 option boards, nominally assigned as:

  • Tri-level sync board, with 4 independently timed outputs selectable to any HD video format.
  • HD test signal board, each with 4 independently timed outputs and selectable frame format.
  • GPS Receiver with 1pps output + 2 unbalanced AES.
  • Mentor RG Master/Slave Sync Pulse Generator.
  • PTP/IEEE-1588 compatible via keycode option.
  • Includes Vector Remote Configuration Browser.
  • Base unit supplied with single power supply.


  • Genlock loop thru
  • 10/5MHz/ref input
  • 5 x black/burst (outputs 4&5 switchable to TLS)
  • 3 x SD-SDI black
  • 27/10MHz/Word Clock output

If no GPS board is fitted, up to 3 TLS or HD boards may be configured in any combination.


Software Options

Audio test

Adds independent audio tone generators for analogue, AES and embedded SDI outputs. Sample rate, amplitude and audio frequency are all selectable, with the option of interrupted tone for channel identification.

Video test

Allows any of the 5 analogue and 3 SDI outputs to be individually configured from a comprehensive range of test signals:

  • Horizontal or vertical 4 line scrolling text ident.
  • Moving markers to indicate ‘live’ video.
  • Colour bars and pathological test.
  • Lip Sync signal to expose video or audio delays within a signal path.
  • Clean Aperture signal to ensure that out of picture artefacts are not displayed.

Customer defined logos may be imported and positioned in any test signal to match corporate branding requirements.

HD Test

The HD test enables any of the base units 3 SDI or Black outputs to be independently configured for HD test signals.

Full Field Test

As standard, this feature provides the FUBK pattern in all video formats. Other test patterns may be imported and stored in bitmap format for custom testing applications.


Dual LTC outputs together with VITC / DVITC may be locked to the optional GPS receiver or to NTP. In picture timecode may also be optionally displayed in any test signal.

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

The NTP Server option allows the Mentor RG to act as a highly accurate and stable source of time for other broadcast equipment, whilst the client option may be used to lock a ‘Slave’ SPG to a ‘Master’.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

The PTP Server option allows the Mentor RG to act as a highly accurate and stable source of time for AES67 or DANTE IP networks. The user has the option to be a PTP master clock or slave.


This provides remote monitoring of power supplies, lock status and presence of external reference inputs using SNMP network monitoring standards.


To view Brochures and Datasheets, visit the Product Datasheet page.

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