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Mercury ES

Mini Mercury Unit (MMU)

A Mercury system is constructed using one or more Mercury host devices connected over a standard IP network. The Mini Mercury Unit (MMU) is a more compact version of the popular Mercury Interface Unit (MIU), sharing many of the functions of the MIU, but redesigned for applications where a limited feature set will deliver the functionality required without limiting communications.

The MMU an ideal solution for adding high capacity workstations to a Mercury enterprise intercom network.

Available in three form factors, each MMU variant supports two separate operators through either 3 Pairs of 3.5mm Jack sockets, 1 Pair of 7-pin XLR sockets or 1 Pair of 12-pin Lemo sockets. This choice of output suits any application or external hardware your business has.

All Mercury products are designed to operate with standards-based IT and network technologies offering additional value from your investment. There is no need for any special routers, switches or gateways when using Mercury. The system is scalable over LAN, WAN and broadband Internet using terrestrial or satellite-based IP network connectivity ensuring global communications coverage.