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Mercury System


Trilogy offer a selection of accessories to further extend the functionality of your Mercury system, providing everything you need for a custom set-up tailored to your specific use case needs.


Audio Noise Reduction Device

Inserted between the Mercury host device (such as a Mercury Interface Unit Audio Expansion Board port) and a hardware panel, the Audio Noise Reduction Device lowers engine and background noise at the audio source by up to 12dB. It is typically used for applications where an operator is communicating with remote users in high ambient noise environments, like drive through lanes.

The Audio Noise Reduction Device uses Adaptive Speech Filter technology built around a patented algorithm designed to filter noise from microphone signals containing both speech and noise. This unit effectively reduces a wide variety of broadband “stationary” noises whose amplitude and pitch change slowly compared to the spectral variations characteristic of human speech. As the background “stationary” noise changes, the ASF adapts to the changes (1-2 second delay) and continues to filter out the noise.


Access Communications Panel

Ideal for outdoor environments with high levels of ambient noise, the Access Communications Panel connects to your Mercury network, providing speak and listen functions via CAT5 Ethernet cabling.

Perfect for door intercoms, the Access Communications Panel can be installed for virtually any external function.


Power Distribution Box for Access Control Panels

This device provides power for up to four Mercury-attached Access Communications Panels. Power Distribution Box units may be stacked to support up to 16 Access Communications Panels located within a maximum 500ft range.



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