Trilogy offers a variety of service options to meet the needs of customers both in terms of responsiveness and cost to continually improve our customer and partner experience and to reflect the critical part Intercom and SPG systems play in any modern business. We provide a number of self service routes to ensure you get the most from your communications and broadcast equipment. 

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Standard Warranty and Support

All new Trilogy products come with a 24 month hardware warranty from date of shipment.  This is a return to base warranty where any faulty products are returned to Trilogy.  Products will be repaired free of charge or the faulty unit replace at our discretion.  The maximum turnaround time for repairs is 15 working days (Defined as Bronze Support).  Excluded from this warranty is physical damage caused to the units or use in conditions outside the products published specifications. 

This warranty also includes telephone and Help Desk support, this is designed to answer any initial questions or help diagnose issues or faults.  It is not a replacement for professional installation services which can be provided directly or via our trained Partners.

Extended Services

Beyond the initial Support period Trilogy offer extended Service Agreements.  The Telephone and Help Desk service is designed to operate in conjunction with a Hardware Service Agreement and the level of Hardware cover can be selected to meet the requirements of the customer.

Telephone and Help Desk Support

One level of Telephone and Help desk Support cover is offered this includes:-

  • 9am to 5:30pm coverage (all times in UK)
  • Annual review of the system configuration (remote review)
  • Unlimited telephone help on the use and implementation of the system
  • Unlimited support calls and problem diagnosis
  • All new versions of Firmware
  • All new versions of software (only includes purchased chargeable features)
  • Guaranteed response times in line with the Severity levels set out in the next section

Severity Levels

Support requests prioritised on receipt

Severity 1 (System down, customer non-operational)

  • Initial response within 1 working hour
  • Closure within 1 working day of receipt if no development work required

Severity 2 (Severely degraded performance)

  • Response within 4 working hours
  • Closure within 2 working days of receipt if no development work required

Severity 3 (Minimal performance degradation)

  • Response within 1 working day
  • Closure within 7 working days of receipt if no development work required

Severity 4 (No Business Impact / Information Request)

  • Response within 3 working day
  • Closure within 14 working days of receipt if no development work required

Escalation Procedures

Trilogy adopt a robust escalation process to ensure any customer issues are resolved in a fast and efficient manner.
For Severity 1 and 2 issues the following processes apply

  • If the response time is breached the call is automatically escalated to the Director in charge of support and additional resources are applied to bring the case back into the acceptable range.
  • All Severity 1 Calls over 4 hours old are escalated to the Director in charge of support
  • Any severity 1 Calls not resolved or with a satisfactory work around within 1 day are escalated to the Engineering Director and a development engineer is allocated to the issue until it is resolved. In addition all calls are escalated to the CEO and are reviewed daily with a cross functional engineering and support team until resolution
  • Any severity 2 calls not resolved within the target time are automatically escalated to Severity 1 and all other escalation procedures progress as per Severity 1 calls.

Hardware Service Agreement

For those customers looking for an enhanced level of service on their Trilogy system Trilogy offer 3 support levels

Bronze, Silver, Gold

The Warranty cover can be uplifted to Silver or Gold cover for the payment of the appropriate fee.  Support for the years after warranty can be at either Bronze, Silver or Gold.


For technical assistance from a Trilogy product expert, please complete the contact form.

User Guides

Download and print Trilogy equipment user guides and manuals. Everything you need to install, configure and manage your Trilogy equipment can be found here.


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Used Equipment

Manufacturer refurbished and second-user broadcast equipment is readily available, but some systems and vendors are better than others. Learn more about our used equipment procurement advice service.

Product Data Sheets

Download and print Trilogy Product Data Sheets here.