Used Equipment

In order to keep costs low, or to rapidly deploy to a new site, many organisations may choose to take advantage of the thriving used equipment market. Used broadcast equipment, including devices from Trilogy, are now widely available for sale thanks to mergers, acquisitions and studio closures.

 Unfortunately not all products or resellers are the same, making it hard to purchase the right equipment at the right price from a reputable vendor.

Trilogy offer a comprehensive advice service for clients wanting to avoid the many pitfalls inherent in aftermarket hardware sales, working with your team to specify, source and secure the equipment you need.

If you are offered second-hand Trilogy equipment we will help you:

  • Reject equipment that has been poorly treated, or which has never been subject to a routine maintenance routine.
  • Test equipment to verify all is in perfect working order before making a purchase.
  • Obtain a working copy of the associated configuration software along with the necessary licenses.


Please note that Trilogy software is key code protected and licensed to the original purchaser. You will need to buy a new license for any after-market equipment.

For further assistance, or to get help with a second-hand Trilogy device, please contact us.