Case Studies

Trilogy has nearly thirty years’ experience designing and building intercoms solutions. With customers in more than 70 countries across the world, Trilogy has designed and deployed intercoms systems for a broad range of industries and sectors.

The following case studies provide an insight into how Trilogy products and services have improved customer communications – revolutionising their businesses in the process.

How Mercury IP Intercom is helping to connect agencies dealing with natural disasters in China’s Sichuan district

The Sichuan local government has struggled to cope with the exceptional demands placed upon it in recent years by natural disasters such as the 2008 earthquake. The Mercury solution allows Police, local government officers and any on-site military to bridge the gap created by destroyed networks and incompatible communications systems and therefore act in conjunction with one another.

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How Trilogy’s Commander, Orator and Mercury intercom systems came together to ensure election success

The 2009 UK County Council and European Parliament elections provided a communication challenge for the BBC that was met by the use of Trilogy intercom systems distributed at a number of locations in the UK and across Europe. Trilogy engineers installed a solution consisting of a number of large matrix intercoms linked together to provide comprehensive communications to all of the studios and other locations involved in the election coverage. The nature of the election process means that there are many sites, all of which could report results at any time. This makes it difficult to plan a running order and so communications takes on a critical role. Trilogy intercoms are well known for delivering robust, highest quality communications and have built up an enviable reputation within the broadcast industry. Indeed these systems have been facilitating election programming since 1999 when the SCAR was initially equipped with its own dedicated Commander system.

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U.S. Air Force, Distributed Common Ground System

Trilogy supplied a key voice communications component of the U.S. Air Force Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) via Raytheon which includes multiple installations around the globe.

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Royal Brunei Armed Forces (RBAF)

As a key sub-contractor, Trilogy has provided the complete voice communications element of a Joint Operations Centre command and control capability for the Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

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Malaysia Armed Forces

Trilogy provided a sophisticated voice communications capability to the Malaysian Armed Forces to integrate existing and new radio assets across multiple sites within the Malaysian territory. It provides a communications system that is able to extend the range and resilience of radio traffic whilst offering the potential for multi-level and cross domain security features.

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The State of the Art in Opera House Communications

The Royal Opera House, in London’s Covent Garden, is one of the great theatres in every sense of the word. It is home to both the Royal Opera and Royal Ballet companies, and stages major productions in repertoire virtually year round. Because of the flexibility of its stage and facilities, a typical day in the ROH might see an opera company rehearsal during the day, with that set moved out and replaced for a ballet that evening, or even two different opera performances in the same day.

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How Mercury IP Intercom is helping to keep communication lines between underground mines and the surface safe whatever the emergency

The customer operates a number of large scale coal mines in Australia. Day to day communications are carried out using IS (Intrinsically Safe) handsets at various locations within the mines that allow calls to and from other handsets, an operator as well as calls to be made and received from external sources.

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