Trilogy has over 25 years experience designing and building industry-leading communications and broadcast equipment. Learn more about how these systems can help your business overcome technical challenges, cut costs and improve internal operations.

Gemini System

Improve communications between crew members in the studio and in the field using the class-leading Gemini intercom system to keep everyone connected and providing a robust platform that scales in line with your business.

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Mercury System

Mercury from Trilogy combines VoIP telephony with the power of a conventional digital matrix intercoms system to create a scalable, real-time communications network designed.

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Mentor System

Built on 25 years of experience in the broadcast industry, Mentor RG provides advanced, reliable sync and test generator functions for use in mixed SD and HD/3G installations.

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Mercury ES

Designed to meet the specific challenges of the defence industry and other organisations bound by strict security controls, Mercury ES provides a robust, flexible, VoIP platform for secure multi-level communications.

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User Panels

Trilogy provides an extensive range of high quality panels including desktop, rackmount, virtual for mouse or touch screen operation and wireless running on tablet and personal phones.

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Wireless and Wired

We have a range of options from tablet and phone applications supporting wireless, 3&4 G, as well as more traditional beltpacks and radio base stations to deliver crystal clear communications for all mobile crew members

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