Case Studies

Trilogy has nearly thirty years’ experience designing and building intercoms solutions. With customers in more than 70 countries across the world, Trilogy has designed and deployed intercoms systems for a broad range of industries and sectors.

The following case studies provide an insight into how Trilogy products and services have improved customer communications – revolutionising their businesses in the process.

Offshore Patrol Vessel Communications

The system will be installed on offshore patrol vessels and will integrate mobile users on a range of marine radio channels covering VHF, UHF and HF with operators utilising one of ten Trilogy 16 key panels installed at locations throughout the vessel.

The installation will also feature a second system designed to simply and quickly connect users in one of the pre-configured work groups. Those users can connect through one of the seventeen ‘plug & play’ user interfaces installed at work locations around the vessel.

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Mercury ES offers real-time, multi-channel voice communications between operators regardless of security level or geographic location

Mercury ES is a truly flexible communications system capable of adapting to a multitude of operational scenarios. In this example it is clear to see how Mercury ES is uniquely positioned to improve both strategic and tactical communications. It allows direct and conference calls to take place across separate domains and between multiple security levels in real time. Unlike other systems and technologies, Mercury ES allows these communications paths to be made and used instantly.

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Mercury secures communications flow at Thai petrochemical plant

The client operates a large petrochemical plant in Thailand and as with all petrochemical plants there are inherent safety issues that must be addressed. The role of the Mercury system was to ensure unhindered communications even if the main control room was out of commission. The system accommodates users of a wide array of communication technologies including handheld radios operating on a number of bands and all types of telephony products.

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How Mercury IP Intercom is helping to keep gas utilities operational by ensuring that communications overcome the barriers of having a wide ranging inventory of equipment

The customer operates a domestic and commercial gas network and processing and storage installation which is served by teams who go out and assess, inspect and fix the gas leaks that are inevitable in a fast growing city. The application of the Mercury system allows full interoperable communications between the team members and their managers using their existing equipment inventory

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Trilogy Communications supplies BAE Systems

Trilogy Communications has concluded a Contract to supply its Mercury IP audio communications system to BAE Systems at Warton, Lancashire for their EWTF - Electronic Warfare Test Facility.

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