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User Panels

IP Panels

Trilogy’s range of intercom systems are supported by an extensive range of versatile, high quality panels designed to offer operators flexibility and intuitive operation. The dual-action lever key user panels allow subscribers to access the Mercury IP network when used in conjunction with the Mercury Interface Unit (MIU) or a Gemini intercom matrix. The extensive range of lever key functions offer 'Latch/Non-Latch’ or ‘Listen/Speak’ modes, allowing users to choose their preferred method for communicating with other control panels, portable devices and audio systems. 

Lever keypanels are compatible with the entire range of Trilogy Intercom systems and can be used in any combination.


16-key Lever Panel (700-31-02)

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16-key lever panel


10-key Lever IP Panel (700-38-00B)

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 10-key Lever IP panel

8-key Desktop Panel (700-41-03)

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8-key lever desktop


Order Codes

700-31-02: 16-Key Lever Panel (2RU)

700-38-00B: 10-Key IP Lever Panel (1RU)

700-41-03: 8-Key Desktop Lever Panel





16-key Desktop Panel with Dial Pad (700-31-52B)    *DISCONTINUED*

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 16-key lever with dial pad

24-key Lever Panel (700-30-51B)    *DISCONTINUED*

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24-key lever panel

32-key Lever Panel (700-33-01B)    *DISCONTINUED*

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32-key lever panel


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