Trilogy offer a range of training courses to ensure that clients get the best return possible on their purchases. From installation to set-up to ongoing maintenance, Trilogy training will help your employees gain a complete understanding of the system.

By attending a product training course, your staff should immediately benefit from:

  • A full understanding of the system, from hardware and components to how it is used.
  • Greater confidence in managing system configurations to suit your specific business needs.
  • The knowledge to optimise system performance.
  • The opportunity to quiz product specialists and address real world deployment issues.

Every Trilogy training course takes participants through a series of practical exercises using actual equipment that immediately translate theory into real-world experience. Building on our own industry experience and the feedback of our customers, Trilogy training is specifically designed to address the changing communications needs of your business.

To ensure that your Trilogy system works the way you do, all courses can be customised accordingly. A range of durations, attendance numbers and locations further add extra flexibility as required.

An example Trilogy course outline

For Trilogy Broadcast customers, the following would be a standard course outline:


Day 1


Overview of the hardware

Introduction to the control panel features and how they are used.

Using configuration software to customise operations.


How to download, re-start and perform configuration management.

Advanced configuration software and how it is used effectively.

Conferences, Groups, IFBs: contrast and compare. 


Day 2 


How to design and deploy a real configuration.

Dimming groups: why they are important and how to set them correctly.

General maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.


Logic programming: extending the operational capabilities of your system.

Real configurations: addressing issues and implementing refinements for your own use cases.

System Networking: a brief introduction to how your Trilogy systems interface with other devices.