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Gemini System

Communications Coverage

As you would expect, Gemini integrates seamlessly with all other Trilogy matrix intercoms. Commander and Orator units can be connected via Ethernet and audio trunk lines, while Mercury and Messenger matrices require a shared IP network connection.

For further system expansion, multiple Gemini ‘rings’ may be interconnected over any IP network, without loss of functionality or any practical limit to overall system size. Industry standard CODECs optimise quality, latency and bandwidth usage, using built-in coding profiles to maintain connectivity between matrices.


These flexible IP interfaces mean that Gemini can be easily integrated with:


When fitted with a telephone interface option, the matrix serves up to four lines per board, with dialling to and from control panels, auto-answering and DTMF control of audio routing. Remote users can then access Gemini from any internal and external lines, or using mobile phones and tablets.


SIP is now established as the de-facto standard for VoIP telephony, having been adopted by the European Broadcast Union (EBU) and many audio CODEC suppliers as the preferred method for connection of intercom audio. 

SIP simplifies interfacing to other IP based systems and devices, like VoIP phone systems, smart phones and tablets. SIP also offers a previously unachievable means to establish intelligent communication between equipment from disparate intercom suppliers.

Virtual Panel

Blending the powerful feature set of Trilogy’s Virtual Panel with SIP connectivity, allows operators to become fully integrated using a tablet or smartphone on wireless 3G or 4G. The ability to select a complete panel configuration using mobile devices any place, any time, further improves efficiency and speed of deployment.

Being able to integrate Gemini with existing communications systems will help improve availability and maximise return on investment.




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