With nearly 30 years experience of designing, building and supporting intercom systems for a wide range of applications, the Trilogy platform offers exceptional cost-effective communications. And with a modular approach to system design, industrial businesses can build the exact intercom system they need to improve internal communications and information flow.

Multi-site connectivity

The modern industrial complex is composed of multiple buildings, often spread across several sites. Using a secure IP backbone, Trilogy intercoms networks built on Gemini or Mercury systems simplify the process of linking each site using a single, unified communications platform.

Low-cost Ethernet cabling can be deployed to link buildings, whilst VoIP support allows for cross-over and resource sharing between telecoms and intercoms traffic. For massively distributed sites, or those where broadband Internet connectivity is problematic, IP over Satellite (IPoS) guarantees communications availability anywhere in the world.

Integration services

Trilogy intercoms also include a number of configurations, allowing for integration and interoperability with other intercom and VoIP systems. This allows for quick and simple extension of existing communications systems, to create a single unified platform for internal voice messaging.

Supporting industry standards, Trilogy solutions can either extend the reach of your existing communications platform, or form the center of a future-proof, next-generation intercoms system. A choice of expansion options, along with a modular approach to capacity allows for quick and easy growth as business needs increase.

Harsh environment readiness

The demanding physical conditions present in industrial environments create unique challenges when designing intercoms systems, particularly at the end points. Trilogy offer a selection of weather-proof, ruggedized comms points, designed to withstand common environmental factors.

Read more about how Trilogy intercoms tools and equipment are used by industrial organisations to create real world solutions to their biggest communications challenges in our case studies section.