With nearly 30 years experience of the broadcast industry, Trilogy has supplied intercoms equipment and services to broadcasters in over 70 countries. We use this experience to design and build specialised intercoms products that are tailored to the unique communications requirements of broadcasters.

Improving in-studio communications

Helping to connect presenters, floor operators and the studio control room, Trilogy solutions Gemini  and Messenger provide a modular, programmable backbone for building intercom platforms. These systems are further complemented by the Mentor XL Master Reference Generator , supplying advanced, reliable reference signals to accurately synchronise audio, video and time on broadcast footage.

A selection of approved earpieces, beltpacks and headsets ensure that messages are relayed to all parties quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Reliable outside broadcast communications

Easily mounted in a mobile communications center, the Gemini and Messenger units extend the same intercoms power to teams operating on site. Coupled with a standard IP internet connection, or a satellite uplink, mobile units become a seamless part of the in-house communications network.

This flexible connectivity allows direct connection to both the intercom system and traditional VoIP telephone PBX, creating a seamless end-to-end communications tool for any employee anywhere. And with fully programmable, customisable modules, broadcasters can build the platform they need to deliver an outstanding service to end users and customers.

Maximising existing communications equipment investments

The fully scalable nature of the Trilogy intercom product range allows broadcasters to build a communications platform that can be easily expanded as demand increases. And with a choice of expansion cards, Trilogy can connect directly to existing communications systems, extending its longevity and improving the overall return on investment.

This modular approach simplifies deployment, reducing the overall cost of ownership, making Trilogy equipment a particularly cost-effective choice for intercoms provisioning.

To learn more about Trilogy systems and how they are applied in the broadcast sector, please check out the Trilogy customer case studies.