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Mercury ES

Designed to meet the specific challenges of the defence industry and other organisations bound by strict security controls, Mercury ES provides a robust, flexible, VoIP platform for secure multi-level communications.

Designed to provide defence operations and intelligence functions with reliable, flexible communications networking protected by the highest levels of security, the Mercury ES IP Voice Communications platform is unprecedented in terms of quality, sophistication and speed. Unique Multi-Level Security and Cross-Domain features make information sharing and decision making across organisations easier than ever without ever compromising security.

Mercury ES from Trilogy is a sound communications choice for the defence industry, offering:

  • End-to-end security to protect voice communication from intercept or compromise.
  • Analogue Voice Bridge option allows for secure cross-network, cross-domain communications.
  • Browser panel allows for granular configuration, management and personalisation from any authorised system.
  • A selection of accessories further extend the functionality and improve operator control.

Mercury ES is a multi-channel voice communications platform that operates on LANs/WANs over terrestrial or satellite-based IP networks offering global coverage. Users access the system via browser-based control panels with up to 256 call buttons and an impressive 32 channel capacity.

Unlike traditional communications technologies, users can participate in multiple communications simultaneously - including direct, conference, and monitor-only call types. Mercury ES also allows for radios, telephones, and other communications technologies to be linked to the system, providing users with a single, unified communications control panel.

The Mercury ES platform also represents a major breakthrough for organisations who need to communicate between multiple levels of security and across domains. The Mercury ES Analogue Voice Bridge is a first-of-a-kind technology that allows communications to traverse traditional network security boundaries without reducing protection, or introducing issues from joining the IP networks.

The Mercury ES Analogue Voice Bridge uses a pair of MIUs (Mercury Interface Units) are configured to allow analogue audio signals to be passed securely between networks. The Analogue Voice Bridges (AVB) are scalable and can be located at any site where joint, multinational, non-governmental organisation (NGO) or inter-agency communications links are required. 

To assist with redundancy and speedy hardware replacement in an emergency, the hardware and software components of the Mercury ES platform are commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products designed to work with standards-based IT and network technologies. This IP networking foundation allows any number of Mercury ES workstations to be linked to create a communications platform with incomparable flexibility, capacity and efficiency and a potentially global reach. 



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