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Mercury Interface Unit (MIU)

A Mercury intercom system is built on one or more Mercury Interface Units, PCI Cards or USB devices connected over a standard IP network. These devices, known as Mercury hosts, have varying capacities to suit your specific operational requirements. The Mercury Interface Unit (MIU) offers the highest capacity of the Trilogy range of Mercury hosts, acting as a versatile audio processing unit and IP gateway which allows a wide range of external devices to be connected to the intercom network.

Among the interoperable user interfaces and devices that can be used with Mercury are:

  • Mercury virtual panels.
  • Rackmount or desktop hardware control panels.
  • External 4 wire or 2 wire audio devices.
  • Radios.
  • Telephony equipment.
  • Recording and logging systems.

The MIU may also operates as a standalone intercom system for up to 32 users in close proximity (at distances up to 1500 ft. from the central unit) using CAT-5 cable without the need for any additional IP networking infrastructure.

The MIU is a 2U 19-inch wide rack-mountable unit which contains a power supply, processor boards and Mercury mixing engine. A second, redundant power supply may be added to reduce potential points of failure. The MIU has the capacity to take up to four expansion boards each with 4 or 8 ports (dependent on type) giving a maximum capacity of 32 ports in a single unit.

MIU expansion boards extend functionality and reach of the intercom network, with available options including:

  • Audio Expansion Boards.
  • Radio Interface Boards.
  • Telephone Interface Boards (Foreign Exchange Office (FXO), Foreign Exchange Subscriber(FXS), Ear & Mouth (E&M)).

In addition to the four standard expansion slots there is provision for other cards to be added to the MIU which further enhance the capacity and flexibility of the unit, including:

  • General Purpose Interface (GPI) Board.
  • Mixer Board (combines 6 I/O on a single port).
  • DSP Expansion Module.

Trilogy customers have used the Mercury MIU to:

  • Support educational expeditions involving live communications with researchers studying Panama's tropical forest and geological and human history.
  • Prove new communications concepts involving in aircraft flying at altitudes of 60,000 feet.
  • Enable ground station personnel distributed around the globe to speed up communications and make more informed decisions.
  • Enable military and relief agency communications immediately following Hurricane Katrina.
  • Create interoperable communications between teams fighting California wildfires.
  • Given military network managers the ability to communicate between sites
  • Create state-of-the art communications capability in support of military training and simulation exercises involving dozens of countries.
  • Improve communications between security and maintenance personnel at high rise buildings in New York City.
  • Improve security at major seaports in the United States.
  • Streamline communications between news satellite operations centers and reporters in the field.

For more details about how Mercury MIU has been applied by our customers to solve real world challenges, please check out our case studies.

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