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Mercury System

Mercury Interface Unit (MIU)

A Mercury intercom system is built on one or more Mercury Interface Units, PCI Cards or USB devices connected over a standard IP network. These devices, known as Mercury hosts, have varying capacities to suit your specific operational requirements. The Mercury Interface Unit (MIU) offers the highest capacity of the Trilogy range of Mercury hosts, acting as a versatile audio processing unit and IP gateway which allows a wide range of external devices to be connected to the intercom network.

The MIU is a 2RU rack-mountable multi-purpose device that provides multi-channel interfacing with radios, conventionaly and VoIP (SIP) telephony, balanced and unbalanced audio interfacing, and other capabilities over terrestral and/or satellite IP networks. The MIU can also operate as a standalone system for up to 32 users in close proximity (up to 1500 ft from the central unit) or as part of a peer-to-peer distributed network of other Mercury devices supporting virtually an unlimited number of users. The MIU can be equipped with any combination of up to four optional expansion boards, each with 4 or 8 ports (dependent on type) giving a maximum capacity of 32 ports in a single unit.

Optional Expansion Boards include:

  • Audio Expansion Board (AEB)
  • Radio Interface Board (RIB)
  • Telephone Expansion Boards (FXO/FXS)
  • Mercury Voice Bridge Board (cross-domain capable)


Key Features:

  • Up to 32 physical ports for hardware panels, telephony (FXO, FXS), radio
    interoperability, Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) and analog audio communications
  • Up to 64 simultaneous IP audio channels
  • Supports low-latency, HD audio and signaling with other Mercury peers
  • Hosts up to 64 Trilogy Virtual Panels (iOS, Android or Windows)
  • Facilitates interfacing with up to 64 SIP-enabled endpoints supporting both point-to-point and PBX based connectivity.
  • Enables RoIP (Radio-over-IP) over any IP network
  • Compatible with conventional telephony equipment (POTS)
  • Ideal for extending all types of voice communications over IP networks
  • Capable of multicasting encoded audio over IP network using a variety of supported codecs


 Mercury MIU Front

Mercury MIU Back


Order Codes


700-25-06: Mercury Interface Unit (MIU)



700-11-01: Audio Expansion Board (AEB)

700-15-04: Telephone Interface Board (FXS)

700-15-03: Telephone Expansion Board (FXO)

700-16-03: Radio Interface Board (RIB)



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