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Mercury ES

Audio Voice Bridge

The Mercury ES Audio Voice Bridge is a first-of-a-kind technology that allows high quality, instantaneous voice communications to flow between IP network security levels and from one domain to another without actually joining the networks, or introducing the security risks inherent with such an approach. 

Mercury ES voice communications are normally routed within the same security level or domain via native IP. Where a communication needs to be routed into another security level or domain, the Voice Bridge converts the IP signal into an audio signal for transmission through the security boundary.

Once audio passes through the boundary, it is converted back to an IP signal, mixed and routed to the intended destination. A sophisticated signalling technique is used to negotiate calls between levels and domains, without creating any potential security breaches or loopholes that could be exploited by third parties.


The diagram above shows the Mercury ES Voice Bridge being used to provide real-time two way voice communications between a Top Secret and Secret network.

Each side of the Mercury ES voice bridge consists of a Mercury Interface Unit with DSP expansion to 32 IP audio channels, a Radio Interface Board and a GPIO option board.



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