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Mercury ES

Administrative Functions

The Mercury ES platform is accompanied by a powerful software toolkit to assist with management of the voice communications network.


Database Configuration

Mercury ES can be deployed to support either a centralised or decentralised configuration database server for the entire enterprise. In a decentralised mode, the configuration management databases can be accessed and used at different locations by multiple administrators, allowing subsets of data to be imported or exported between sites. The decentralised configuration allows sites to continue to operate without reliance on a single server, or the remote access provisions such a system would require.

To maintain the integrity of the configuration management process, an MD5 checksum is created and saved whenever data is exported from the database. This checksum is verified at load, save and import operations, maintaining the security and integrity of the database. Database metadata allows administrators to make annotations to ensure all sites maintain proper revision control and that a consistent standard of security is preserved.


Administrative Roles

The Mercury ES system is designed to accommodate any number of administrative roles and accounts. Administrator privileges can be completely customised using feature access management to provide complete separation of roles.

The Mercury ES interface can be customised for each role, making features and menus more accessible for specific applications, and improving operator efficiency. For example, enterprise level administrators may be tasked with defining system architecture and setting global parameters, while local administrators may take on the responsibility for creating user profiles and making other site-specific settings.



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