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Mercury System

User Panels

The Mercury system offers a range of panel choices including dual action lever key and innovative touchscreen technology. Manufactured to demanding standards, Mercury panels assure reliability, flexibility of operation and ease of use. The extensive range of lever key functions offer 'latch/non-latch’ or ‘listen/speak’ modes, allowing users to choose their preferred method for communicating with other control panels, portable devices and audio systems. Mercury panels are compatible with the entire range of Trilogy Intercom systems and can be used in any combination. High traffic applications will benefit from the option to configure expansion panels, increasing the total number of keys available. Up to 4 ‘shift’ pages can be configured, and key functions can be quickly re-assigned using the intuitive menu system and rotary encoder built into every panel. The rotary encoder also allows your users to adjust individual audio levels as required.


IP Enabled Panels

Selected panels are equipped with an IP interface that permits connection to a Mercury unit over any standard LAN or WAN connection. Authorized users can then select the panel’s desired ‘identity’ in the system, and change the location while preserving all panel settings.

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 10-key IP panel


Order Codes

700-31-02: 16-Key Lever Panel (2RU)

700-38-00B: 10-Key IP Lever Panel (1RU)

700-41-03: 8-Key Desktop Lever Panel


Touchscreen Panels

The rackmount and desktop touchscreen panels both offer a powerful feature set with intuitive operation similar to that of smart phones and tablets. The enhanced features and capabilities found in these panels go beyond what is possible with conventional switch and display technology.

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 30-button touchscreen panel

Order Codes

700-47-03: 20-Button Desktop Touchscreen Panel

700-37-03: 30-Button Touchscreen IP Panel (2RU) 


Clear-Com V-Series Iris 32-Key Level Panel

The V-Series Iris Lever Panel, developed by Clear-Com, is a user control panel that operates in conjunction with the Mercury systems. The Lever panel features one display window per “key” and provide Listen (up) and Talk (down) operation for the displayed label. Latching and momentary operation is software configurable. The Listen (up) path does not have to be the same as the Talk (down) path. A Talk/Listen LED status indicator is provided below the display window. When a talk path is active (down) the status will indicate a red color, and when a listen path is active (up) the status will indicate a green color.

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V-Series Iris Front


Order Codes

VI-TPNL-32L-X7: 32-Key Lever V-Series Iris Panel (2RU) *includes RJ45-RJ45 adapter

VI-TPNL-32L-X7B: 32-Key Lever V-Series Iris Panel (2RU) *includes RJ45-RJ45 and D25-RJ45 adapter


The Virtual Panel

The Virtual Panel has been developed by Trilogy to provide your operators with PC and tablet management interfaces. Although primarily used as intercom workstations, the powerful Virtual and Patch panel applications are particularly useful for performing routing functions for Telephony, IFBs, Groups and Conferences. 

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 Virtual Panel


Order Codes

700-63-00: Virtual Panel License for Android

700-63-02: Virtual Panel License for iOS

700-63-01: Virtual Panel License for Windows (mobile) 

700-63-03: Virtual Panel License for Windows (PC)